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The wonderful thing about being an adventurous Belleville photographer is that you are surrounded by so many beautiful nature spots and it’s a quick hop, skip and a jump to Toronto, Kingston or Ottawa! I was lucky to work in all of these places this year and had a blast.

In 2017 I was faced with some health challenges that I am happy to say that I have overcome. It was frustrating for me to have to carry a lighter photography workload, but it made those moments that I spent with my amazing couples and families that much more meaningful. I am truly grateful for each and every person and moment that I captured this year, and I have some exciting business plans lined up for 2018!

Wedding Photography

In addition to the wonderful people that I met, I also photographed some amazing wedding venues this year. It’s funny, since I am an adventurous Belleville photographer, it turns out that I did not have any weddings in Belleville this year! To name a few of the spots that I worked at – there was a gorgeous DIY wedding in Milford, a stunning outdoor wedding under the trees at the Kortright Centre for Conservation, a beautiful fall wedding at Strathmere in Ottawa, a vintage wedding at Stoufville-Whitchurch Museum as well as two Napanee weddings, a Kingston wedding, a country wedding in Norwood and a lovely outdoor Trenton wedding. Thank you to each and every one of my couples for allowing me to capture your day.

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Engagement Photography

My engagement sessions took me on some fantastic adventures this year! As an adventurous Belleville photographer, I love travelling to meaningful spots for my couples. Queen’s University, Park Lawn Cemetery, Lake Ontario Park, Cullen Gardens and Richmond Green Park were some of the spots we explored.

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Travel Photography

Even though there is so much to explore in this area as a Belleville photographer, I was overjoyed to go on two amazing nature trips this year. The first was to Zion National Park in Utah and the second was to Gros Morne National Park in Newfoundland. I am going to be dedicating an entire blog post to Gros Morne and its potential for amazing adventure sessions and elopements in the future!

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Lifestyle Family Photography

Unfortunately, my family sessions were the fewest in number this year, but I was excited to offer my first ever holiday mini sessions! As any adventurous Belleville photographer will tell you, Potter’s Creek at Quinte Conservation is one of the most beautiful spots in the city! It was great to work with some old clients and meet some wonderful new faces!

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Onto 2018!

Thank you for following along with my adventures! I am so excited for the potential that this year brings! To end off, I leave you with these adorable sleeping goats that my husband and I met on our anniversary this year.

Happy New Year!

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