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When Kelly and David mentioned the Mariner’s Park Museum as their wedding location, I immediately knew the spot they were talking about, but had never pictured it as a wedding venue before. Well, it turns out it is a perfect wedding venue! It was a dream location to photograph and as you know from Kelly and David’s Milford engagement photographs, they are a dream to shoot.

As Prince Edward County residents, Kelly and David both got ready in Milford which is close to the Museum. David and the groomsmen then went to the location to finish setting up the gorgeous the tent, custom bar, decorations and ceremony space. Kelly and David put so much work into the details and it showed!

For wedding portraits, we ventured over to a nearby property and I excitedly got to take my first smoke bomb photographs. Boy, were they ever fun!!! I’m so glad that they had the idea to use them and it gave us some wonderfully fun and dramatic shots. For the rest of the portraits, I took them to a ditch at the side of the road. This is where trusting your photographer comes in handy! This was not a beautiful ditch, but when I was driving by I noticed the gorgeous texture of the limestone with the grasses. These were some of my favourite photographs of the day and Kelly and David fully embraced it.

The remainder of the wedding day was documentary style coverage of the guests enjoying themselves. One of my favourite details was the flower girl dresses. The flower girl dresses were the most adorable sparkly dresses I’ve seen! They were a fantastic choice and really added a nice pop to the colour scheme of grey and green. I especially loved when I got photographs of them enjoying the day in the sand box and the games that were set up.

This June Mariner’s Park Museum wedding was a pleasure to photograph – I love love love outdoor weddings with couples who aren’t afraid to try something new, or walk along a ditch at the side of the highway to get a great shot! 🙂

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