Sam and Shane » Rainy Outdoor Wedding, Napanee

This rainy outdoor wedding is one to be remembered! The most epic “birthday party”, hosted by Sam and Shane  ended up being just that! No detail was left unattended, as Sam and Shane worked for months to prepare their backyard for the surprise wedding. The grand reveal was fabulous, with most guests just frozen in shock after the announcement that the ‘destination wedding’ was going to be just down the path! (I was getting a kick about the guests asking them all about their wedding plans before the reveal!) Their personalities were infused into every part of the day, from Sam’s green-bottomed wedding dress, to Tyson’s wedding outfit, to the champagne with personalized labels. Thankfully, the rain held off for the ceremony, but once the speeches came, the rain was non-stop. Sam and Shane were troopers and we had the fastest portraits I’ve ever done! Going out into the rain was a blast and it paid off. It’s impossible to take a bad photograph of these two wonderful people, and I am so happy I was the one to capture their wedding, which I’m sure their families and friends will talk about for the rest of their lives!

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